500 YEARS AHEAD | Locsin: China far behind US in military power

1 week ago

APRIL 15, 2019 – The United States (US) military will remain years ahead than that of the other countries including China, Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin, Jr. claimed.

The Philippines’ top diplomat said this in reponse to a tweet saying China is making progress on its striking capability, with the development of aircraft and ships for surveillance and research.

“China is far far far far behind the US in military destructive power. One book a few years back said the US military will remain 500 years ahead of the rest of the militaries in the world for the next 500 years,” Locsin wrote.

“All aspiring powers must live with that prospect,” he added.

The secretary, meanwhile, said he is surprised with Beijing’s continuing approach in the West Philippine Sea under the Duterte administration, which has sought stronger ties with the country.



Earlier, Locsin emphasized the US will remain the only military ally of the Philippines.

He also asserted that the West Philippine Sea is “ours” and China took it, amid reports of its militia vessels surrounding the country’s islands in the West Philippine Sea.