ARRESTED | Chinese commuter throws taho at cop enforcing MRT liquid ban

2 months ago

February 9, 2019 – A Chinese national was held by authorities on Saturday after throwing a cup of sweet soya drink “taho” at a police officer who barred her entry at the Metro Rail Transit line 3 (MRT-3) Boni station.

In a press statement, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) said that the commuter was identified as Jiale Zhang, who accosted P01 William Cristobal.

“Ms. Zhang entered the baggage inspection area where two security personnel have asked her to consume first her ‘taho’ before entering the station, but the former insisted not to do so,” the DOTr said.

“The matter has been turned over to PO1 Cristobal. As the police officer explained to Zhang the security policy of MRT-3, she threw her ‘taho’ to the police officer,” it added.

The incident prompted Cristobal and another police cofficer to arrest the 23-year old Zhang and bring her to the PNP-RMFB detachment at Shaw Boulevard Station.

Zhang is now under the police custody and charged with direct assault, disobedience to agent of person in authority, and unjust vexation.

DOTr stressed that it is implementing tighter security measures following the recent bombings in Mindanao.

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“It should also be noted that even before the recent ban of bottled water, drinks and liquids, consumption of unsealed food and drinks are prohibited inside trains and stations as this can cause inconvenience, accident and delay to our operations,” it said.

MRT implemented the liquid ban last January 31, to underscore the PNP’s security directive.