MISS UNIVERSE 2018 | Catriona Gray expands ‘medical marijuana’ answer

1 month ago

(DECEMBER 17, 2018) – Newly-crowned Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray had her fans drooling not only over her outfits or iconic “lava walk,” but also her two cents on the controversial issue of the legalization of medical marijuana in the Philippines.

“The question about medical marijuana was definitely relevant in my country because it is an active topic. But as I said, I’ve seen studies about medicinal marijuana [which] needs to be researched further,” Gray said in a press conference at Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand.

“But in terms of recreational marijuana, perhaps we could learn more and then put in place certain regulations before pursuing it,” she added.

She was explaining her response to American comedian and Miss Universe 2018 host Steve Harvey’s question: “Canada recently joined Uruguay as the second nation in the world to make marijuana legal. What is your opinion on the legalization of marijuana?”

Gray answered: “I’m for being used in medical use but not so for recreational use. Because I think if people were to argue, ‘what about alcohol and cigarettes?’ So everything is good but in moderation.”

Philippine Cannabis Compassion Society, a group that advocates for the legalization of medical marijuana, thanked Gray for her “wit and social consciousness” about the issue.

“Your beauty, wit and social consciousness are refreshing respites in these times when apathy and cynicism abound,” its Facebook post read. “We thank you for supporting our advocacy with your statement on Medical Cannabis. Accessing Medical Cannabis is a right of every patient. Beyond compassion it is the basic tenet of human right.”

The 24-year-old Gray was fourth Filipino to clinch the title of Miss Universe. She followed Gloria Diaz (Miss Universe 1969), Margarita Moran (Miss Universe 1973) and Pia Wurtzbach (Miss Universe 2015).


Will Catriona’s win open doors for the medical marijuana bill to push through?

Isabela Representative Rodolfo Albano’s House Bill No. 6517 or the Philippine Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act, a pending bill at the House of Representatives, seeks to legalize cannabis to help patients suffering from pain and other debilitating medical conditions.

The measure promotes the proper use of medical marijuana through the designation of a qualified medical cannabis physician, a qualified medical cannabis patient who shall be issued an identification card, a qualified medical cannabis caregiver and a qualified medical cannabis compassionate center.

No less than President Rodrigo Duterte earlier said he was open to the legalization of marijuana, as long as it’s limited to medical purposes.

“Medicinal marijuana, yes, because it is really an ingredient of modern medicine now. There are medicines right now being developed or already in the market that contains marijuana as a component but used for medical purposes,” he told reporters.