SAME STALEMATE | Speaker GMA okay with Senate, House voting separately on Cha-cha

6 months ago

AUGUST 1, 2018—House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has agreed on the separate voting of the Senate and the House of Representatives in a constituent assembly early Wednesday.

Arroyo expressed openness to separate voting of the two chambers on the proposed amendment to the 1987 Constitution, in an ambush interview following a tree-planting ceremony at the North Luzon Expressway in Pampanga.

“[It’s] better to move forward and achieve something than be stubborn and achieve nothing,” said Arroyo.

Arroyo also recalled that the issue of joint or separate voting was the same issue that hindered the move to amend the 1987 Constitution during her presidency.

“I ended my presidency with the same stalemate—voting separately and voting together. Years later, it’s the same stalemate,” she explained.

Prior to the speakership row, ousted speaker Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez urged for a joint voting on the proposed Charter change. However, he expected it to be challenged before the Supreme Court.

Several senators expressed their reluctance to convene as a constituent assembly if the House continues to insist that both chambers vote as one.

Joint voting would mean 300 members of the House of Representatives would easily out vote their 22 counterparts from the Senate.