‘SORRY, GOD’ | Duterte apologizes, tells critics not to use God to hit gov’t

9 months ago

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (July 11, 2018) – President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday apologized to God whom he earlier called “stupid,” but not over his comments against leaders and beliefs of the Catholic Church.

Duterte issued the apology during his meeting with Jesus is Lord Church Worldwide founder Eddie Villanueva in Malacañang. Villanueva earlier called Duterte’s statements against God and the Bible “a kind of blasphemy in the highest order,” urging him to publicly apologize to God.

“If it’s the same God, I’m sorry, that’s how it is. Sorry, God. I said sorry God. If God is taken in a generic term by everybody listening then that’s well and good,” Duterte said in a video posted by the Presidential Communication Operations Office.

“I only apologize to God, nobody else. If I wronged God, he would be happy to listen. Why? Because my God is all forgiving. Why? Because God created me to be good and not bad,” he said.



In the same statement, however, Duterte reminded that critics and religious workers should never use the name of God to attack the government.

“But my concept of God, when it is put at stake with the other people using the name of God in vain, remember there is a division between church and state,” Duterte said. “That is not the proper way to do it… I’m sure this is not what God wants.”

Duterte’s apology came after earning public criticisms over his continuous pronouncements against Church officials and its teachings. He also met with Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines Archbishop Romulo Valles, and agreed to a moratorium on statements after the dialogue.