‘YOU ARE UNFRIENDLY’ | China not a reliable ally – Sen. Gordon

7 months ago

JUNE 14, 2018 – Senator Richard Gordon questioned the reliability of China as an ally of the Philippines.

Gordon said that the Chinese Coast Guards’ harassment of Filipino fishermen in Panatag (Scarborough Shoal) is an “unfriendly act .”

“Alliances are best seen by the actions of a people. You are not a reliable ally. Hindi dapat pakialaman ‘yan, You are unfriendly. Hindi ko talaga nagustuhan na, kahit hindi kinuha ang mga isda, naghahanapbuhay ‘yung tao, bakit mo pakikialaman?” Gordon said in a statement.

“Hindi naman threat ‘yan. The fishermen are not threats. That is an unfriendly act. You are not a reliable ally or a friend. We are not enemies of China but you are treating us as if we are interlopers in our own country,” he added.

Incidents recorded on video by Filipino fishermen showed Chinese Coast Guard personnel taking away their catch. According to the fishermen, they lose more than P25,000 from a five-day fishing expedition because of these incidents.

Gordon has earlier urged the government to protest the harassments. He also reiterated the need to build the country’s capability to defend against threats and to protect our territories.

“That is for us, that is our land. Hindi lang natin maipairal dahil kulang tayo sa barko. We have to build our navy. We have to build our air force, We have to have submarines para meron tayong ipantapat. Hindi naman kailangang malaki, basta meron lang tayong panlaban,” the senator said.

He also noted that that if the bullying continues, the Philippines may be forced to form alliances with Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand or perhaps the United States.