‘YOU NEED A BETTER GIMMICK’ | ‘Province of China’ tarps draw ire from Palace

7 months ago

JULY 12, 2018 – Huge red tarpaulins saying “Welcome to the Philippines, Province of China” were seen hanging from a number of footbridges in Metro Manila this morning.

Malacañang was quick to react. “I’m sure it’s the enemies of the government behind it. So to them, try again. You need a better gimmick than that,” Presidential Harry Roque said in a press briefing at the Palace.

Roque reiterated that the government continues to assert the sovereign rights of the country on disputed territories in the West Philippine Sea.

“But we decided to move on on issues which are non-controversial because we know that the final resolution particularly on the issue of sovereignty on the disputed islands will take many many many years to resolve,” Roque said.

The spokesperson added that people behind the tarpaulin gimmick are just provoking the government. “They are obviously propagating a lie that we have given up on our national territory,” Roque said.

Today, the Philippines marks the second anniversary of winning a landmark ruling against China over the South China Sea, dismissing Beijing’s “nine-dash-line” claim in the disputed area.